Productions and services

We are specialized in creating cosmetic products for third parties.
We offer fully customized cosmetic lines in all their forms and quantities.
This activity leads us to working in close contact with our clients, with the aim of fulfilling the role of partner, as opposed to simply supplier.
The experience we have accrued and our distinctive skills allow us to take on each new product applying an original, exclusive approach.
Our ‘full service’ originates with the concept intuited by the client and crystallizes in the final product in its entirety, including the technical and legislative assistance required for distribution.
Beginning with the client’s often-abstract idea, a rough-shaping process is launched to define a step-by-step work plan from start to finish.
After defining the project in detail, the work turns to successfully creating the final product, as a common goal for shared growth.

Private labels.

Our custom work is so firmly launched that we take pride in defining ourselves as Tailor Made for Private Labels.
The entire process unfolds within the company, with our expert colleagues who have worked together as a team for years.

In each department, our expertise gained from years of experience combines with the enterprising energy of young, motivated colleagues skilled at interpreting the needs of a continuously changing market.
The flexibility of our production processes offers clients the possibility of choosing between the supply of semi-finished or finished products, created using exclusive or client-owned formulas, while always observing the utmost confidentiality.


The development of each new cosmetic formula evolves in parallel to the image desired for the product through a unique graphic design project.
The creative department designs, refines, and submits several marketing solutions until it reaches the most satisfying option, able to facilitate the best possible positioning on the market.
This graphic design project launches off from the client’s instructions to create several proposals until achieving the one that best fits the client’s wishes.

The clients

P&C Products positions itself on multiple levels of the cosmetic production chain, to present itself as the ideal partner for the different entities working in the sector: